Friday, February 10, 2012

Is Mercury Rising in Your Head?

Almost all Canadians have amalgams in their mouth that could be causing headaches. Thankfully some countries have chosen to ban amalgam fillings but here in Canada it is still buyer beware. Amalgams are composed of at least 50% mercury.

Unfortunately my family experienced severe mercury toxicity. Sadly it was not an isolated case but a commonly misdiagnosed or under diagnosed problem. My little girl had daily migraine headaches and I had severe brain fog. Nothing could get rid of her pain. I had unwittingly chosen to replace my old breaking amalgams while breastfeeding. I was breathing in mercury vapors, swallowing small bits of amalgam as well as grinding my teeth at night, which released even more vapors, and caused insomnia. Combined with the Rhogam shot during pregnancy that contained mercury and a few vaccines containing Thimerisol, a mercury derivative, I was a toxic mess, too toxic even for chelation therapy.

At some point I realized that her headaches were always worse the day before the weather changed. How does barometric pressure affect our head? If we have mercury in our body it is an occasion for it to rise in the body. This is what eventually led to a diagnosis in Germany of “chronic inflammation of the brain due to mercury toxicity”. What next?

After many different therapies, diets and supplements with no improvement we discovered zeolite. Regular chelation can affect the kidneys adversely and the mercury was already affecting her kidneys. I was affected by severe brain fog but no headaches except once a month, which I later found out, was from a dirty liver not processing hormones correctly. Within a matter of days of using zeolite neither of us had headaches or brain fog and neither condition returned. That was six years ago.

What is zeolite? Zeolite is a mineral with a negative electrical charge. This means it draws positively charged toxins like mercury, cadmium, aluminum, barium, lead, VOC’s and some other chemicals and metals to itself and they are stored safely inside its cage-like structure. When a good quality zeolite is ingested into the body it travels in the bloodstream to collect such toxins and safely excretes them through the urine and feces with no side effects. They are permanently removed from the body and safely enclosed in their cages where they will not harm the environment and cannot be released.

What constitutes a good zeolite? Since radioactive particles, VOC’s like gasoline from mining equipment and other airborne toxins are in the raw zeolite it is crucial to remove these. There is one brand of activated zeolite, new to the Canadian marketplace, that goes through a proprietary 72-step process that removes all possible toxins that are in the cage-like structure.

An additional benefit is the addition of rice vinegar extract, which opens up the fat cells to release fat and the toxins stored there. This makes it an excellent addition to any weight or fat loss program since toxins are a big contributor to excessive fat. All organs will function better without the disturbance of heavy metals. Zeolite is alkalizing which is also very beneficial for overall health. If you have headaches that just never seem to go away, detoxing with zeolites could be your final solution, just as it was with many others and us. Also please consider a visit to a holistic dentist if you have amalgams or root canals, which could be causing an energetic imbalance or even worse a battery-like effect in your head if there are conflicting metals. for best quality zeolite on the market. Don't be fooled by copycats. If you have questions about this please ask.