Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ionic "Detox" Foot Bath Machines

I was thrilled to receive a copy of a new magazine called simply, Footbath Magazine. Finally someone is exposing the truth about those phony color charts. The above page says it all!

I've had an Aqua Chi footbath for years now after my friend Linda Schaumleffel, former Olympic rower turned car crash victim (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, brain damage) told me it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She gave me a treatment in hers and that evening I took the deepest breath I had taken in probably 20 years. The next day I ordered my own machine.

After about 5 sessions I noticed that a large patch of fungus on my skin had completely vanished. For years I had tried many creams and homeopathic and herbal remedies on it to no avail. Keep in mind that previous to this I worked for an excellent holistic doctor and had access to many wonderful things but my fungus remained. Was it a fluke?

The next victim was my Mom. She's got fibromyalgia. About 20-25 sessions later--of of these days I will learn to keep track of such details--all pain was gone and remained gone for well over a year before a tune-up was needed.

I've had well over 100 different people in my Aqua Chi with no adverse effect and many happy customers. A few people bought cheap machines on ebay and found they didn't work. One of my friend has a well known brand but bought the Aqua Chi as an additional one and now it's all she uses since the results are better.

For more details on the Aqua Chi click here:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Is Addiction Really a Disease?

As this recent article in MacLeans magazine suggests, addiction is really a choice.

Although the author doesn't seem to talk about nutrients as a nutritional consultant I have to agree with him. When we take a close look at an "addict's" brain we will see that there are certain deficiencies that cause the brain to desire the creation of more neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine. Drugs and alcohol can boost neurotransmitters for a short time making a person feel good or even normal. Who wants to feel bad? No one.

Severe cravings result when there are a lack of amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein and without adequate amino acids the neurotransmitters can't function properly and a person has an overwhelming urge to fix this. The only problem is that unless they know about the amino acid connection, they will reach for the wrong thing!

I've seen severe cravings vanish in a matter of minutes when a person uses the correct amino acid. GABA and L-glutamine are great for this.

Another problem is alcohol abuse will also create candida overgrowth. Candida is a naturally occurring bacteria and belongs in our digestive tract but when a person consumes acidic food like sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains, meat, etc then the candida takes over rapidly.

So what happens when the alcoholic stops drinking? The candida is starving for food and causes the person to reach for either another drink or as anyone familiar with alcoholism will know, they will suddenly start eating candy bars in large quantities. Even people who have had a dislike for chocolate will start eating it. The candida is powerful and it wants to stay alive. The urge to drink or eat sugar becomes virtually unbearable and the addict exchanges one addiction for another without solving the underlying problem.

Is there a solution? Absolutely. When we feed our body and brain with good nutrients we will no longer crave alcohol, junk food or drugs. Exercise is also helpful.

I highly recommend getting the body into an alkaline state, filling up on amino acids, detoxing the body of heavy metals so that mineral absorption becomes optimal as well as consuming lots of water and raw fruits and veggies to increase energy levels which in turn make exercising easier. Exercise will also help depressive states. Candida must be dealt with in order for long-term success to be there.

Addiction is a choice but overcoming addiction can be next to impossible if the brain is starving and there's candida overgrowth. For a phone consult and more specific recommendations, contact me at

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feel Like You're 21 Again!

You not only are what you eat you will feel like what you eat. Your body replaces nearly 98% of its cells in about two years. You literally have a different physical body than you had two years ago! If we replace the old cells with healthier new ones we can reverse illness and improve both our physical and emotional state of health and our energy levels will increase quickly.

Some people have all their organs functioning perfectly at a high energetic level. Others seem to be lacking the bio-energy needed to stay healthy. This is shown by a general lack of energy, skin and bowel problems, immunity problems such as colds and allergies, joint and muscle pain, psychological and sleep disorders to name a few. This can be changed. How?

Usually various factors must be looked at. First and most important is what goes into the body: food and water. To maintain an environment that disease cannot grow in the body must be kept in an alkaline state. This is done in varying ways.

Diet: Add more raw organic fruits and vegetables. These foods contain lots of fiber and will also help absorb toxins in the digestive tract and will boost your energy levels.

Every function of our body requires essential fatty acids, yet nearly everyone is deficient. Hemp oil is well balanced and tasty. Use double the recommended amount for several months until you’re balanced. Avoid processed fats and oils.

Water: You must drink sufficient water to maintain energy levels. RO and distilled are quite acidic. Chlorine is extremely acidifying to the body and should be avoided. Drink filtered water, not coffee for an energy boost. Avoid sweetened drinks.

Bowel Function: It’s been said that all disease starts in the bowel. Some foods like meat can take up to 72 hours to pass through the system. Can you imagine what a piece of meat left on your kitchen counter in mid-summer would smell like? That’s what’s happening inside your body! Dairy products will coat the duodenum with mucous making it difficult to absorb nutrients.

Weight: Toxins are stored in fat cells so maintain or lose weight if necessary. Exercise will also give you energy. Just do it!

Detoxification: Some people’s bodies will not detoxify well on their own. A few ways the body can be helped to do this is by regular use of ionic foot baths, saunas, skin brushing, zeolites.

Stress: How we handle stress is also one of the differentiating factors of how we heal. If we haven’t learned to deal with the daily challenges of life in a non-stressful way, it can literally make us sick. Our emotions are preceded by thought. Change the thought which changes the emotion which changes the hormones and in turn changes the mood and our stress level.

This information is in no way intended to replace treatment or advice from a medical doctor. For more details on the above call Sharon at 250-245-9240 or email: Visit for detox products that are guaranteed to work fast.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why not make every day Earth Day?

There are little changes you can make every day to save on the earth's precious resources. Here's just a few tips of many that you can incorporate into your life.

• use old rags instead of paper towels for cleaning up messes
• recycle plastic shopping bags instead of buying garbage bags
• have a compost pile or bin instead of throwing out scrap veggies
• don’t buy things that come with excessive packaging
• buy a few good quality microfiber cloths for cleaning so you won’t need cleaner
• use biodegradable dish soap—one drop with hot water cleans almost everything
• don’t buy stuff you won’t use at least once a week
• eat less or no meat
• eat organic food only
• recycle everything you can
• don’t buy artificial fibers and buy organic when possible: bamboo, cotton, silk, wool, etc
• no appliances
• use soy or vegetable wax candles not paraffin
• have some plants in the room to keep the air fresh
• use only the amount of toilet paper you need and make it the recycled & unbleached kind
• No chemicals! See kitchen advice for cleaning
• use a shower filter
• Women: use a diva cup instead of disposable menstrual products
• don’t use scented products
• don’t use anti-bacterial soap
• don’t use so many personal care products
• buy make up that has refills or recycles containers
• use a salt stone deodorant—works well and lasts for years and isn’t toxic
• the toilet doesn’t need antibacterial products—you’re not eating from it—just use a brush & cloth
Your Closet:
• detoxify all the clothes you don’t wear and be honest with yourself about that
• give excess clothes away to charity or cut up the unusable stuff for cleaning rags
• stop buying more than you will wear!
• don’t buy artificial fibers
• buy a Kindle instead of books
• use an mp3 player instead of buying CD’s
• use recycled paper
• you very likely don’t need all the latest plastic gadgets
• add some plants instead of using air freshener