Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream

Well, today I am going to write about a very unique solution for lumpy breasts and other breast problems that recently came on the market. Dr. Spencer is a bit of a genius when it comes to formulating solutions to apply externally. His first creation to reach anyone outside of his personal patients is a breast cream with a special type of spirulina (think detox!), aloe vera, essential oils like Bulgarian Rose and Lavender to name a few.

For a full ingredient list click on the Breast Cream link here: For amazing experiences in the last 60 days (also the guarantee time) see

I've been using the cream for about a week now on my face and on some difficult raised skin spots I have on my leg. The bumps are now smooth but there is still discoloration. Considering the skin takes 28 days to completely renew and there is likey damage at a deep cellular level, I don't expect to see a complete disappearance very quickly so the overnight flattening of it was quite amazing.

My wrinkles have reduced, my skin is softer and a weird patch of "elephant skin" is fading too. I don't really want bigger breasts so I'm a big hesitant to use it there. Years of detoxing removed all my lumps and I wear a Jeunique bra which improves lymph flow so lumps will go away, not to mention that posture is improved.

At this time, there's not a simple order possibility for the cream so I suggest signing up as a distributor, getting the basic kit which includes the cream and Breast Chek kit. You don't need to stay on Autoship. Call me if you like. My number is on the website.

Have an awesome day and stay cancer-free with detoxification!

PS (Jan 2010): I'm no longer a distributor so go to for more details and if interested just search for a distributor in your area.

Christina Applegate: an alternative view to a sad situation

Mike Adams rants about the cancer industry:

Christina Applegate Maimed by Surgeons with Double Mastectomy Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I felt very saddened and shocked when I read about Christina's decision and even more so after I read Suzanne Sommers open letter to Christina urging her to investigate alternative solutions. No doubt she was scared since her mother also had experienced breast cancer. Why did she start a macrobiotic diet and then jump into surgery without giving it a chance to work? Hopefully not too many people will be influenced by her actions.

There are over 350 cancer cures available and that's not even counting some of the ones I use! This book is quite interesting and comes with 2000 testimonials about people who cured their cancer using alternative methods: Less than the cost of a doctor's visit and far more valuable.

Please watch the short video on my website and fill out the form for a free consultation. I can't promise to cure cancer since that is illegal and a lot of it depends on your own attitude and way of thinking but I can teach you to change that and point you in the right direction.

Have a great day and stay healthy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breast Cancer Cure? Amazing story!

This is from an email I received the other day:

I would like to share the story of my battle. It was a losing battle until I found "Agaricus Extract." What I am going to share with you today is the happy story of a battle that ended with victory.

Just seven years ago I was very sick and very scared. I was also very tired, tired of fighting without hope. It all started soon after I lost my mother and sister, whom I dearly loved and cared for in my house until their passing. Caring for them was all I did day and night, day after day for many years. Their passing made an empty hole in my heart.

Then I found a lump in my left breast. But I did nothing. In just two months, it grew to be like a monster. I wanted to die, so that I could join my mother and sister. There was no known cure anyway. I thought no doctor or medicine could have helped. "Please let me go," I begged my daughter. But she became furious and said to me, "I am not letting you leave me alone." Her words woke me up.

They made me realize that I am not living alone. "I must live," I thought. I wanted to be alive for my daughter. Surgery took my entire left breast. I had a left side total mastectomy and a subaxillary lymph node resection. Muscle tissue from my back was removed and transferred to my chest. The skin from my thigh was then transferred to my back. The surgery was successful, and afterwards the physician found no tumor.

Then the radiation and chemotherapy started. Rehabilitation to coordinate body balance and regain strength followed. Though I was determined to recover, the surgery completely crippled me and took away all my sense of independence.

But after it came back. So, for the following five years, I had a surgery every year. I also educated myself to become a certified health counselor of the "Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association"

Finally, in my fifth year, the worst of the disease had come. I woke up one day to find my face had doubled in size. I had 7 quail-egg sized lumps around my neck. I knew this was the worst. "Twelve days. I will get you a bed for thorough check-ups. So, come back in twelve days." That was what the doctor told me. But to my family, he said, "If she is alive after twelve days, bring her in. She will receive the terminal care. This time she won't make it through."

I went home with a lot of new drugs the doctor gave me and was pretty much left alone.

I imagine that you must be thinking I should be dead by now. So where does Agaricus come into play? Yes, miracles happen when they are least expected.

I had my daughter call the Japan Adult Disease Association to cancel my lecture appointment. The director picked up the phone, which is very, very rare. She told him that the end was near for me. And he just laughed loudly. "Do not worry Taketomi-san," he said. "Here is what just came out. I think it will help. It's called Agaricus Extract and it is a very powerful immune enhancer. We checked all of the product and we think it's the best. Try it. I will have them FedEx it to you right away."

The packet arrived the next morning. I took it the first day. Nothing happened.

I took it the next day. The pain did not go away. I took it the third day. By then I was so weak, I couldn't leave my bed. All I did was sip the extract.

The miracle happened early the next morning about 5:30. I woke up wanting to urinate. I had barely been about to move for four days but fear of wetting the mattress gave me strength. I tried the impossible. Somehow, I walked to the bathroom. And took care of it all by myself. It was a great moment. That was the moment I regained independence. "I did it! I did it!" I screamed with joy. I screamed so loud I could have awakened all my neighbors. My daughter rushed to me and hugged me. "Yes, you did it. You will be fine," she said in tears.

From then on, we were fighting the winning battle. I realized the pain went away after about 5 minute of drinking the extract. The pain did not come back for 4 hours. So, I was drinking 6 times a day.

My condition kept getting better. In twelve days, I went back to see the doctor, the person I thought was a god. He seemed in total disbelief to find me alive. The sonogram revealed that the swollen lymph nodes above my lung had shrunk to half the size. "I had nothing to offer you to really help you. What did you do?" he asked me.

I told him about Agaricus.

Agaricus Extract saved my life. It gave me a new lease on life. I do not know what chemical is responsible. But I know it helped me regain my strength to fight the disease, the fight I came so close to losing. It gave me the correct balance. After three months, I stopped taking any of the medication. Soon after, I experienced such a high fever it couldn't be measured. It was my body, my immune system fighting.

After 5 days, the fever went down. I still remember how good I felt. My body felt very light. I knew I was reborn. This is my story. Today, I am not just alive. I am alive, well, full of energy and hope. I decided to share my story to many who need to hear it. And now, how could I have imagined that I would have so many happy days following this battle? Agaricus Extract can help many American people. Please follow my footsteps. Join the march!

(Translated from the Japanese)

To purchase AgariGold go to:

Call me for a nutritional consultation to make sure you're taking it properly. I started writing an alternative cancer therapy book but found some products that work so well, I stopped the book and added these to my nutritional consulting program.