Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eliminating Skin Problems Forever

Have you tried different lotions and potions for acne, psoriasis, eczema or other skin conditions and had no visible or lasting result? You are not alone! Our skin is the biggest organ for eliminating toxins and is really a reflection of what is going on inside of us.

Stress plays a major role. Why? First of all we are being exposed to unprecedented amounts of toxins in our food, air and water. These toxins can get stuck in our liver which slows down its ability to detoxify stress hormones. That explains why at certain times of the month for women we may get an extra pimple or the unwelcome pimple shows up just before an important occasion. Second, stress contributes to acidity in the body. Excess acid is one more burden on the liver.

Eliminating stress is easier said than done but regular exercise is a big help. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, how about grabbing a skipping rope? Even a few minutes can produce some “happy hormones” which make us feel better. If you exercise enough to sweat, be sure to rinse off though. You don’t want the sweat toxins to be absorbed back into your skin.

Water will also help your liver and bowels to flush out toxins. Distilled and reverse osmosis are acidic waters and should not be used regularly if you want to improve your pH. Now that summer is here, increase your fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, organic and local. Live enzymes in raw foods contribute to cleansing and rather than just drinking plain water, foods like melons provide water and minerals that help the skin. Increasing raw foods rapidly can result in rapid detoxification which may temporarily worsen the skin. I would suggest taking a liver support at the same time to avoid this. Aim for 75% raw in your diet and you will be sure to see a change.

Top foods to avoid are sugar, dairy (unless raw), processed flour, artificially treated fats and oils, chemical additives and pork. Also, don’t eat microwaved foods since microwaving damages the molecular structure and the food is no longer recognized as healthy by the body. The stove really doesn’t take that much longer and is worth the extra effort.

Avoiding toxins in your personal care products will go a long way to avoid toxic overload and lessen the burden on the elimination organs. For those who are fortunate enough to remember living before the industrial revolution, you will unlikely remember any people with skin problems. A bit of olive oil or coconut oil can do wonders for the skin. Again, be sure to use only organic. Whatever goes on your skin does not have the benefit of being broken down in your stomach and processed by the liver first. Read labels, especially on sunscreen. Sun is healthy in moderate amounts but putting toxic chemicals on your skin and then heating them up can be dangerous.

If you have taken antibiotics your body may be missing important strains of bacteria. To fix digestive issues which contribute to leaky gut and skin problems take a full spectrum probiotic. Absorption is important and all the good supplements and food are useless if your digestion and liver are not in order.
Heavy metals such as mercury (amalgam fillings are the biggest source), cadmium, arsenic, and more block important receptor sites for minerals that are needed for healthy skin. These also disturb the liver and contribute to stress and skin problems.

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The Coconut Mama said...

Wonderful post!

My husband just bought me a toaster oven so we were able to toss our yucky microwave out. I don't like microwaves at all!

What are your thoughts on green drinks? I buy Alkavision green drink.

Sharon Hoehner said...

Love green drinks! Fresh is best for maximum enzymatic activity. In a pinch I use a barley grass product.

I also use a fermented spirulina/superfood probiotic powder. Will do an article about that or see the link in my links section.

Terry said...

I try to live as stress free as possible....NOT EASY, but I keep on trying.

Be sure to stop over to my blog. I am having an apron giveaway. Terry