Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My New Magic Bullet

"As close to the magic bullet as you are going to get"--Frank Chaviano, Ph.D,
International Public Health Pandemic Consultant, speaking of Chaga, an adaptogenic mushroom.

After using this since April I can certainly testify to that! My thyroid seems
to finally be completely under control. I've been taking 10 drops of Chaga
twice daily since April and my weight is totally stable and never fluctuates
beyond a pound or two no matter what I eat.

Also, I got rid of my cat allergy. This is quite something because even though
NAET got rid of my other allergies the cat one just didn't go away and I've had
severe cat allergies since I was 12.

My daughter, not living at home anymore, was diagnosed with low thyroid and she
has Epstein Barr as well as some arthritic type pain in her arm from an injury 6
years ago that just wouldn't heal. One week on the Chaga, she lost inches from
all areas of her lower body and even with the sporadic way she takes it her arm
pain is now completely gone and she hasn't gotten sick or missed a day of work
(this was a total cold and flu after another). Terry Willard of
Wild Rose Herbal College told her a few years ago that if she didn't get some
major work done (massage or energy healing) that she'd end up with fibromyalgia.
I think it's safe to say that's no longer an issue!

A few of many benefits:

-libido and hormone balancing

-blood sugar balancing

-DNA repair including radiation damage

-number one cancer remedy according to David Wolfe

-highest SOD and antioxidant value of all the medicinal mushrooms

PS: My dog who suffers periodically from "fresh cut weed rash" on her belly had an overnight recovery with one application of Chaga Serum.

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